Healthcare Professionals

LifeChoice works with healthcare professionals at the 23 hospitals within the service area to ensure a greater understanding of organ and tissue donation, and the importance it serves in saving and enhancing lives.

We partner with hospitals to educate staff about best practices for the donation process, from referral to recovery. Our collaborative approach and continued education ensures the donation process is not simply understood, but embraced.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your healthcare team and share data and outcomes on donation opportunities. Other support we provide includes:

- Referral and organ donation conversion rates
- Resources for development of policies and protocols
- Information to assist with The Joint Commission accreditation
- In-depth education on a variety of topics, including

- Process of Organ Donation
- Process of Tissue Donation
- Brain Death Declaration
- Management of the Consented Organ Donor in the Critical Care Setting
- Donation After Cardiac Death Protocol
- Organ and Tissue Recovery (Hospital Operating Room Staff)
- Family Advocacy Program
- How to Give Bad News: effective communication with families in grief
- First Person Authorization

To reach the Hospital Development Specialist for your hospital, please contact us or call 1-860-286-3120.

Transplant Programs

LifeChoice works with two transplant centers, Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT and Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. Both centers have organ-specific programs as well as living kidney donor programs. Below is a list of the programs available at each center.

Hartford Hospital

- Heart
- Kidney
- Liver

Baystate Medical Center

- Kidney


Clinical Resources

Links for Hospital Professionals

Haven't found what you're looking for on the LifeChoice Donor Services website? Use the following links to additional donation-related websites and informational resources to help you find what you need.

American Academy of Neurology
American Medical Association
American Society of Transplant Surgeons
American Society of Transplantation
Association of Organ Procurement Organizations
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Connecticut Hospital Association
Donate Life America
Health Resources and Services Administration
Masschusetts Hospital Association
The Joint Commission
NATCO - The Organization for Transplant Professionals
Transplant Pro
United Network for Organ Sharing


Estate Planning Professionals

During conversations with clients focused on estate planning and end of life decisions, organ and tissue donation is an important topic. If a client wishes to donate organs and tissues, there are several ways to document this decision. In addition to the resources on this site, LifeChoice offers complimentary presentations to estate planning professionals and can cover how to engage clients in a discussion about donation, the decision to donate and the impact of other end of life care instructions, and the Donor Registry.

For more information, download and view the PowerPoint below:


Funeral Home Directors

LifeChoice works closely with funeral homes to ensure that open viewing and other desired services are met for the donor family. We make every effort to keep the funeral director updated on case timing as well as providing recovery information, financial compensation, and follow-up on every donor. For more information, funeral homes are welcome to contact the LifeChoice Funeral Home Liaison.



Healthcare Professionals
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Estate Planning Professionals
Funeral Home Directors




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